After all those years, the collection has been growing, and currently it counts more than 1.000 pieces, a lot of which are absolutely precious, valuable and very special.

Marvellous vases made of opaline which are like china, with handpainted portraits thanks to very fine paintbrushes and whose results look as photographies; enamelled vases with polychromies and gold; zoomorphic bottles; slim vases that cry applied glass tears; marvellous trays with decorations such as fish, flowers, dragons, dragonflies; sugar-pots and candy boxes that are iridiscent due to the metal oxides added to the glass and that achieve incredible colours when they reflect light; bowls and perfume bottles that imitate marble or semi-precious stones such as malachite and lapis lazuli…

All of them magnificient artwork that have got to our days in a perfect or nearly perfect state, as if just coming out of the factory, despite the majority of them being more than a 100 years old. Fragile pieces of glass, that thanks to the love and careful handling given to them by their previous owners, can still be properly admired and enjoyed today.

I invite all of those, who like I are fans of old glass, to see the pieces of the collection Madforglass photographied and classified on this web.

I would also very much like to be able to exchange ideas and opinions with you who are reading me now, that’s why, should you be interested, I give you my email address:

Thank you very much and I hope you will like them.