My name is Rosa Maria, I am a trained nursed and I live in Mataró, a city in the Province of Barcelona (Catalonia). About ten years ago I started, given my passion for glass works, to collect old glass works, specially iridescent ones, from the Art Nouveau period (1890-1920) and more specifically from Bohemia and Silesia (Czech Republic). There are also some, but not as many, pieces of the Art Déco period, the one that followed Art Nouveau, and also some of previous periods.
After those ten years of collector, I believe I have achieved an important level of knowledge regarding glass works of the Art Nouveau period, fact that enabled me to buy precious and valuable pieces of glass made more than a century ago from places as varied as the USA, Canada, Germany, France, United-Kingdom etc…

If you are also big fans of old glass, I invite you to visit this website and take a look at the photographies of my glass pieces and some other amplified iridescent decorations that I also took in picture. You will see, there are simply marvellous.

Best regards.

Rosa Maria Tomàs Roig