You are on the initial page of the old glass collection that I have in Mataró, Barcelona. After that it derives in the different families of old glass: Bohemian- Czech, Austrian and German; French and Belgian; English and Scottish; American and Italian For finishing pieces assembled by families of style. Clicking on the initial image you will already enter the collection you choose. Within Bohemia you will find Loetz, Moser, Kralik, Rindskopf, Pallme König, Poschinger, Harrach, Welz & Ruckl, Heckert, Riedel, Josephinen Hüte, Haida and Steinschönau, Josef Ahne, Theodor Rössler, Curt Schlevogt and Schliersee.

We hope you enjoy watching this vast collection of antique glass as much as I would collect it and take care of it!