If you are also enthusiasts of ancient glass, I invite you to see on this website all the photos of my glass pieces cataloged according to their origin, as well as some of the extended iridescent decorations that I have also photographed. You will see, they are beautiful.

Best regards.

Glass pieces currently on display: 1552

Investments and Donations

In the section of Who I Am, History and Projects on the Main Menu, I explain in detail my hope of being able to make an exhibition with a selection of the best pieces from my old glass collection, so that all the people who want it can come to enjoy contemplating it in a safe and adequate place. Until now this project, as well as the one to see that the collection is gaining name and fame since it can be done in many other cities, has not been possible due to the organizational costs that have not wanted to be assumed by any City Council or Organization to which until now I have addressed myself, alluding to economic problems due to the current crisis.

If you believe that this project can be successful, or you just want this exposure to be a reality, consider investing or donating to help make this possible.

All the aids will be very welcome, and I will be happy inviting all the contributors the day the exhibition opens and making a picture of honor at the entrance with their names to remember that, thanks to them, it has become possible to contemplate These beautiful works of Art in Crystal.

Donations can be made by clicking on the DONATE button at the end of this writing.

If instead your idea is to make an investment, send me an email, and we will make an appointment to talk about this possibility.


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The Origin of Glass

As Pliny the Elder explained in his work entitled Natural History, the discovery of glass took place in Syria 3000 years before Christ. This was thanks to the natron merchants (the soda stuff).
In the beginning, it was the origin of manufactured glass. In the Ancient Age, the Egyptians and the Phoenicians were the main manufacturers and suppliers of glass.