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Bohemian glass, is an object of tradition and pride for the Czech Republic, where more than seven hundred years ago different techniques and decorative varieties on the processing of glass started to develop.

Specifically, this took place in the ancient region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic, that covers even a part of Poland, where since the medieval times different techniques to manufacture bohemian glass pieces were developed, using additional elements such as wood and quartz sand, which gave the glass a green appearance that was characteristic for the glass of that time.

One of the important influences of the Bohemian glass in its beginnings were the monasteries, since that was where the initial steps were set that stimulated the production of glass household items.

Then, upon discovery of the nobility and beauty of this material and the ease with which it could be molded and processed using elements such as quartz and potassium, its various applications were extended to the decorative elements in temples and elegant environments of the era.

In spite of its popularity, it was not until the sixteenth century, three hundred years after its appearance that the beautiful pieces of Bohemian glass spread throughout Europe in the form of different decorative objects and utilities such as vases and vessels, which heavily impacted the decorative style of the era.

Elaboration techniques of these pieces of common use arose relatively easy the interest of the majority, and the beautiful elements of decoration also became indispensable in all the palaces, castles and homes of the high society of those times.

 By the request of important monarchs, the best gem cutters elaborated Bohemian glass, embedding copper and bronze applications, and even gems and precious stones, creating great works of art.

This technique was refined over time to become the so-called "Tiefschnitt" art, which contributed to the development and evolution of the baroque era.

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