Hello! Welcome to the Madforglass website.


I am Rosa Maria, 54 years old, a professional nurse. I was born and live in Barcelona, a city and province in a state called Catalonia, which is actually a little nation in a big country, Spain, which in turn is a member of the European Union.

My interest for antique glass is rather recent. Even though as a little girl I used to stare at beautiful colourful glass objects labelled as “Bohemian Glass” in stores, I never bought any. Those pieces belonged to antique shops and were never in my reach because of their high prices.


But in 2004 I went through a major change in my life. I took an early retirement plan from the multinational company where I worked in their Medical Services department. Since then, I started developing my creative side by spending the time I didn’t have before on all sorts of hobbies: watercolour painting, furniture refurbishing, short-story writing, Tiffany glass and lamp making, among several other things that my scattered spirit led me to. I also discovered eBay, a website where you can buy and sell almost everything, most of the times at affordable prices. There putting in many hours, taking some risk and enjoying a little bit of luck I found the pieces to start building my small antique crystal glass collection, that I could expand after visiting Antiques Fairs and Markets. And this was the main of my love for those wonderful creations in Art Nouveau glass by Loetz, Moser, Kralik and other big artists of the 20th century.

I am grateful for Eddy Scheepers and Alfredo Villanueva-Collado’s inspiring website www.Loetz.com. I also thank David Littlefield for his great Bohemia glass collection, which can be admired at the website called “Loetz, Czech and Bohemian Art Glass”. Finally, I should mention another source that has been of big help many times: “Great Glass”.


I hope that, even though mine is a more modest site because of the limited quantity and quality of the objects included, Madforglass coud still be of interest to those fans of antique glass. Differentiating it from the first two sites mentioned above, even though most of the items are from Bohemia, I have added to my collection pieces that have attracted me by the magic of their masters from France (Gallé, Legrás, etc.), England (Stevens & Williams, Webb, etc.), USA (Tiffany, Durand, etc.) and Italy (Salviati). Their common link is the beauty of the crystal and the period from where they come. Most of the pieces are around 100 years old, some are more than 100 years old while others are vintage (40-50 years old).


Please note that the information regarding the items in the gallery has been provided by the supplier or has been found in books or the Internet, therefore I cannot guarantee its accuracy.


My hope is that you like the pieces in this collection. I would also like to invite your to give me your comments and feedback on your preferences, errors existing on the site, etc.


The passion for works of art in Crystal Glass unifies us across time and space.


Best wishes.


Rosa Maria



PS. Six year later, my collection has grown considerably. It now has over 875 pieces, and I'm very proud of it. I hope to keep improving...