ART GLASSArte en cristal


Admiring the art glass a passion which, apart from glorifying the good taste, has a mesmerizing effect that can easily become a beautiful and innocent obsession.

The art glass is one of the most beautiful and ancient techniques of expression of art, used in many applications, and if anything, it is a beautiful display of taste, emotion, class and style.

The art glass has always been used as a decorative element showing elegance and good taste. It has been present in the most beautiful sceneries of history, in palaces, castles, and many other places, adorning all the spaces that needed to reflect a beautiful decorative element.

Glass is one of the most noble elements that has been created by mankind, as it can be shaped entirely at will, resulting in special and unique pieces of art, a different kind of clay, where the craftsman performs his work with one of the most beautiful elements: glass. The possibilities to convert a normal piece into art glass are fascinating, and easily create fans and followers due to its beauty, colours, shapes, and all the small and fine details that simply make them unique and worthy of full admiration.

For this reason art glass has been used by the most prestigious interior decorators, since they are regarded as essential pieces, to which all the other decorative elements in current trends in decoration revolve.

Did you realize that a simple piece of Bohemian glass alone is already a piece of art? Now imagine the miracles that can be created giving it a matt or pearlescent colour, different types of relief, and applying new methods of processing the surface. All this for the sake of enhancing the beauty of the pieces, creating a delicate and fascinating piece of glass art for the delight of good taste.

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I am very happy to share my hobby with you, exchange links and increase our contacts, for an art form that deserves to be displayed and spread throughout the whole world.