ANTIQUE GLASSCristal antíguo


Did you know that the majority of antique glass pieces have a very significant amount of lead in its composition? This is one of the characteristics by which antique and modern pieces are distinguished. It is interesting to know how to differentiate between the two classes, and therefore I will introduce you to the difference of antique and modern glass.

Due to the higher amount of lead, antique glass is heavier than modern glass, even if they have the same volume. This is a very important fact, because as a consequence of and due to the antique techniques of manipulation of the glass, it is thicker in comparison with their similar current version.

Pieces of antique glass are mostly large vases, flower vases and everything related to cups, as well as some pieces for table decoration. Nowadays, on the other hand, thanks to the refinement of techniques, improvements have been implemented that allow the fabrication of much finer and more useful decorative elements, and creating new forms of decorative application for the glass as well.

Currently candle holders, glasses, vinegar jars, coolers, vases, chandeliers, table elements and many more pieces than in other times are created, as in earlier times there were no means nor techniques to achieve the current results. There are more ways to differentiate between antique and modern glass: antique pieces of art glass, when hold against light and looked at closely, don't show connections, as these works were designed out of one piece and not by connecting different parts.

The cuts or the base of antique glass always create an optical rainbow effect, because it has the characteristics of a prism, which is not the case with glass.

The real pieces of antique glass, that distinguishes itself by its high quality and extraordinary beauty, will surely always have a small identification mark. Feeling and with the use of a magnifying glass you can find it and confirm the presence of the signature of the manufacturer.

As well as touching, also hearing can help us to differentiate glass and crystal. When you knock gently on crystal you can distinguish it from glass because crystal has a better resonance and sonority. Antique crystal is one of the most valuable adornments to decorate any place. You should be careful when you manipulate it though, since it is fragile and, if it would break, it would be an irreparable loss. Come and see beautiful pieces of glass and crystal at, where you can share experiences and links. Join us.